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May 2007

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furubariceball in happypalmtree

Iconfiend100 Homunculi challenge

I've finally decided to do one of these XDDD Hi all! I know I've been dead for quite some time now. I sort of got into an icon making rut, but now that I'm out of it, I can make a bunch of lovely icons for you all again. ^^ I am a huge FMA fan, but unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to making very many icons from that show/manga. But I shall make up for that now, with THESE! Enjoy, and please remember to credit.

Anyways... The Homunculi are LOBVE!! <3

Artist: furubariceball 
Subject: The Homunculi of Fullmetal Alchemist
Theme Set:
Total Icons:

01 Candlelit 02 Dress Up 03 Journey 04 Two's Company 05 Take my Chances
06 Secret Admirer 07 Jealousy 08 Fairytale 09 The Little Things 10 Awkward
11 Safe 12 Goofing Off 13 Wings 14 Trust 15 Destiny
16 Home 17 Heartache 18 Obstacle 19 Seasons 20 Artwork
21 Love Letter 22 Bloom 23 Opposites 24 Catch Me 25 Lazy
26 Unexpected 27 Quarrel 28 Gift 29 Flirt 30 Old-Fashioned
31 Freefall 32 Caress 33 Games 34 Entwined 35 Spellbinding
36 Tangled 37 Here and Now 38 Colors 39 Don't Cry 40 Selfless
41 Change of Heart 42 Sanctity 43 Carry 44 Hereafter 45 Whisper
46 Patience 47 I'll Be There 48 Tomorrow's Another Day 49 The One 50 Yin Yang
51 AC: Envy: Sexy Back 52 AC: chibi luv 53 AC: The New Pride 54 AC: Broken Family 55 AC
56 AC: Lust 57 AC: Gluttony 58 AC: Envy 59 AC: Wrath 60 AC: Greed
61 AC: Pride 62 AC: Sloth 63 AC 64 AC 65 AC
66 AC 67 AC 68 AC 69 AC 70 AC
71 AC 72 AC 73 AC 74 AC 75 AC
76 AC 77 AC 78 AC 79 AC 80 AC
81 AC 82 AC 83 AC 84 AC 85 AC
86 AC 87 AC 88 AC 89 AC 90 AC
91 AC 92 AC 93 AC 94 AC 95 AC
96 AC 97 AC 98 AC 99 AC 100 AC

The hiragana on the 'Sanctity' icon says: "Goodbye." ((Thanks to moon_alchemist  for this correction ^^))

Credit for textures goes to:








Credit for any FMA screenshots used goes to:


51 is much love!! i can't wait to see more :D
Lovely. Running away with #24. Will definitely credit upon use.
MMmmmm, your icon....
oh i love your icons!^^ taking a few :)

also,would you like to affiliate with twistedcuteness?^_^
once you reply,ill add you back ASAP!:)
sure, why not? ^^
ah thank you! you have been added back :)
Heh... 21 makes me very happy. So does 24. I look forward to seeing more~!
I love them. I'll give credit when I get around to using them!! <3
Ahhh Scar X Lust Icon! <3333
Niiiiice! I can't wait to see more.
i'm stealing #24 ^^ will credit
They are all so lovely. Great Job!
omg #052! <3
And #021. And the placeholder.
much luff~
Hahaha! 51! =D

Loved all the Envy ones. And number 52 made me laugh.
You know... I honestly could never figure out of Envy was a boy or girl... O.o may sound weird but it's true. When I get around to it I want to watch the whole series, I've seen many episodes but never the whole series solidly.
Okay long, and out of context. Sorry!
Anyway, I like the icons, especially your "no icon" icon! ^^ Great job so far!
awww thanks. You should definitely watch the entire series. It's good x3
Awww, I love Love letter one~
Awesome work, can't wait to see more :]
Quite lovely ^_^ I especially love your no icon picture. I know it isn't part of the set but it made me smile nonetheless.
Nice! Def make some Wrathy ones :D
oh, I assure you, there will definitely be a ton of Wrath ones x3 He and Lust tie as my second favorite homunculus. Envy's my first XDDD If anyone hasn't noticed XDDDD
AHHHHHHH !!! #52 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
so adorable X333
Must snag "Chibi love"

Oh btw in 'Sanctity' that's not kanji it's hiragana.
ummm something weired just happened... they're gone...
AAAGH! what happened?! alright, I'll fix it @________@
OKAY!!! Now it's fixed. Sorry about that little coding mishap guys X_______x
Will gank some later, especially 20 XD
Hm, I could link it to fm_alchemist if you want. ^^ Just tell me when . . . +loves the icons & snags #8+
WOW REALLY?! ^^ THANK YOU SO MUCH!! *blomps!* That'd be awesome...You could post it when you want. ^^
Yes & here's the post ^-^ http://community.livejournal.com/fm_alchemist/5436018.html

Hope I helped. :D
Welcome ^-^ Well, the mods just posted that the membership is open again so . . . congrats! :D
Yes, i see that. ^^ Thanks again for your help ^^
wow some of those are really pretty!i like them ^_^ took a bunch will cred when used.
Oh wow, these are all sooooo pretty. *__* Definitely taking 52, and possibly a few more later. Will credit if used!
Pride!Ed..yummy :D took 53 and will credit!
Ooh, these are very nice indeed. I'm taking 49, 54 & 59. Can't wait to see what furubariceball comes up with next.
Ah! I see that you have a Sloth icon. Will steal that, Ysa. (#47)
Love them! Stole some. ^_^
OMG I love the Scar/Lust one! Will credit!
Took 10 and 37 with credit. Thanks~